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Now, as far as setting up all those emails, you definitely want to use a provider that does that automatically to make sure that you’re complying with the spam laws. You just don’t want to have people email you and you respond to them. It’s going to be messy and you’re not going to be complying with spam. So I like to use a service called AWeber. That’s a really good one. I think it’s good to start out with that one because when you want more advanced functionality later, it has it all built in. There’s a million others, so iContact, Constant Contact, any one of these can do what I just talked about in setting up this email opt in box, and then having to confirm and then automatically sending the link to page 3 which is the meat.

As far as building the websites, I like to use Drupal for building all my sites and WordPress for all my Blogs. You can use Drupal to build all the sorts of pages that I built on Orange Analytics. If you want more detail on that, there’s so much free resources out there about Drupal. So you can definitely find tons of free resources and blogs. If you want something that just walks you thru the process of how to build Drupal website and WordPress blog, we have many products (modules, Templates, Services, consultation) and you can find that on and also that shows you how to create the types of websites and pages that we just looked at in Drupal or WordPress. It’s good to do it in WordPress because when we get into social media part, yes, we’ll have to do social media in a minute. Don’t worry. I didn’t trick you in the title. It makes doing all the social media stuff much, much easier. It’s totally automated is you’ve built this as a WordPress site.

So, now let’s go to step 2. OK. Step 2 is to follow up. So remember that you just showed people your pitch. You gave them your offer. But most people are not going to buy the first time they see your pitch. Most people need to be reminded of it a few more times. So the next step in this process of selling with social media is that you want to have some follow up emails that go out now that you’ve captured their name and email address.

Remember that you want your content to be very directly related to whatever is it that you’re selling, so it makes sense to send pitches for hat you’re selling to people who have signed up for this specific list. It’s targeted to them. You’re not sending them some junk that they have no interest in at all. There are a lot of different theories out there about how much you should pitch or how much you should be purely content. That’s really up to you; it’s up to your market and what you’re selling. But however you decide to do it, you want to send out regular emails with some sort of mix of content and pitch. These can be maybe daily starting out and then go to weekly and then go to monthly, or they can be weekly all along or monthly all along; whatever you can handle.

But you want to make sure that people are regularly hearing from you and regularly getting opportunities to buy from you because most people are not going to buy the very first time. So a technical tip for handling this follows up is again that you want to use AWeber or another system like AWeber to schedule what’s called auto responder or follow up messages. So this is really great because you just write all these e-mails once, and then you can cue them up to send weekly, monthly, you know, after a year; whatever it is that you want to do. This is also really handy because everybody starts off with the same content. So, let’s say that I wanted to send an email with some free content about how to use Twitter, and I just sent it out to my entire list today.

Well then when new people signed up, they wouldn’t have seen that old content. I’d have to create something totally new for them. I might as well have recycled the old thing because they haven’t seen it yet. You know what I mean? When you set everything up as auto responders, you’re just writing the content once, and then whether they sign up today or they sign up three months from now, everybody’s getting the same sequence. So this is just a really easy way to set it on autopilot to market your products and services. So, the next step, that was sort of -- steps 1 and 2 were the setup part. And now we’re going to get in the social media part. Now that you have your freebie system, that your sharing setup, I’m going to show you how to promote it on social media.

So Step 3, once you have your one-two-three page sequence set up with your freebie content, is to make it easy to share. One way to do this and you can sort of mix and match which means any of these things that you want. One way to do this is to add social bookmarking buttons. And so that’s when you see those little buttons that have the logo for Delicious or Reddit or any of the social bookmarking sites and also things like Twitter and Facebook. You can add those buttons to your page. Now, a little technical detail here, you want all those buttons to go back to page 1. Remember we have page 1, page 2 and page 3. When they’re going back to page 1, you’re ensuring that people are starting in the beginning of the sequence instead of being able to skip back to the end or skip right to the content without opting in. So the next thing you can do is add a Tweet This button. Again, you want to link that back to page 1. I found Tweet This buttons to be very effective.

I find people use those – or I find that my market uses those more than social bookmarking buttons. The thing about social bookmarking is only really web savvy; tech savvy people are on the social bookmarking sites. Your audience might not be on there. It’s probably more likely that they’re on Twitter or they’re on Facebook. Another thing you can do is the email this button, or you can put an email list form which is also a great way to encourage sharing. So you’ll notice that on my pages for this whole sequence, they all have the Tweet This button right below the video. But when somebody clicks Tweet This on this content video, the one that has the meat that has the actual Twitter in Ten Minutes a Day video. The link does not go to this page. It goes back to page 1, so that I’m making sure to capture that e-mail address.

Of course people can share this page with their friends. People might see this but haven’t opted in to your list. Don’t worry about that. That’s not a big deal. It’s just more people that are seeing your content, it’s more good stuff for you. Don’t worry about that at all. And this tweet, this button, you can get automatically with a WordPress plug-in called Tweet This. You can also look for a WordPress plug-in called Socialable that’ll put all the social bookmarking buttons. And I believe there’s one called Email This that will create that email this link or form. That’s why this is good to set up your pages with WordPress. They’re easy to change, they’re easy to modify. And all this fancy social media stuff is built in auto-magically as I like to say.

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