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So step 5 is to continue to promote your content on autopilot because again, people probably have to see it a few times before they’re going to read it. And the nature of social media is that you always have new people coming thru the door.

So I might update my Facebook page message today, but then a bunch of new people join the site, they didn’t see my old message. I want to remind them again. Same thing with Twitter, people are coming and going, so you want to continue to promote on autopilot. So Twitter is one that you want to definitely continuously update with a link to your freebie. I would recommend that you change up the message so that you don’t just sound like a robot who’s tweeting the same thing over and over again. And this can just be a really small tweet. So you can say, “Check out my free video. I just made a free video, come tell me what you think.” “Here’s my free video about doing this.” You know what I mean? You’re not changing it drastically, but just so people aren’t seeing the exact same message repeated over and over again.

The other way that you can promote on autopilot is to continue to mention your freebie and your blog post and the emails that you send out if you do a video show or a podcast or something like that. So, for me I do an email newsletter that goes out every week. And I plan out that content ahead of time. And so, if you know that you do emails every week – let’s say you do one a week like I do, you might want to mention this freebie let’s say once a month would probably be a good amount of frequency. You’re going to feel like you’ve told people about it over and over again, but I guarantee you, people will send you emails then subscribe to your list for a year they’ve told about it so many times. They’re like, hey, that was a really cool video.

And you’re thinking, how have you not seen that before. But I promise this is what happens. So, just put that in your schedule to remember to put a mention of it let’s say every week, every month or even every quarter in your blog or your email newsletter or however it is that you communicate with people regularly. Another place you can put it is on your website. So you can see on my site when you go to let’s say the blog of my site, I have this advertisement on this side that says, “Twitter in ten minutes a day. Click here for your free video instructions” which of course brings you back to page 1 of my opt-in sequence. So you can put it on social media; you can put it on an ad; this is an ad I have on my own site.

Of course I can put this ad on other people’s sites as well. You’re just really thinking about all the places that you live on the web and trying to spread that one piece of freebie content as much as you can over and over again. And this is what’s just I think is just so cool about online marketing in general. You know, after you take the time to set up these three pages; to set up that email sequence that goes out with updated content – and that as – that is going to take you some time, don’t get me wrong. But after you set that up, it just works for you on autopilot over and over and over again.

New people come in your funnel, they go to that, you get their email address; you put it on whatever new blog post you create or whatever new emails you send or whatever new social networking sites you get on. You do the work once and then it continues to market for you over and over which I think is really cool. And other thing that I wanted to show you about how to automate this is a really cool site called Hootsuite, which I found out, is a pun on the phrase toot suite which we do not say in Texas, so I never heard of that before. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Apparently it means it’s an American bastardization of a French saying that means to do things fast. So this one is called Hootsuite. It’s

And it’s a totally free tool for Twitter that allows you to automate your tweets. I really like to use it. It also has other cool functionality like being able to see stats of what links people have clicked on. It’s good for having searches. But what Hootsuite is really good for is making sure that you put promoting your freebie on Twitter on autopilot. So I could put a message in there, “Check out my free video on Twitter in ten minutes a day.” And then I would put the URL in of my page 1, that first opt-in page. Hootsuite automatically has a URL shrinking feature, which is cool so I can paste it right here; hit, Shrink It. And then it goes in right here.

So now I have my whole tweet made, I click on Send Later. And I can send it for anytime that I want. And you can see I can go way in the future. I can set the exact date, the exact time. You can have it alert you by email when it’s sent. And then you just hit Submit and then it’ll automatically send out your tweet. I think – I know there’s a paid version of Hootsuite. I think positively in the paid version it allows you to – you can see that I can only set up for one time. I can’t set up for a bunch of times. I think in the paid versions of Hootsuite and probably also at, they allow you to repeat it a bunch.

But as I mentioned before, you want to change that anyway, so I don’t really see it as a problem that you have to put them in one at a time because it’s better if you modify the wording a little bit because people will start to notice if you’re sending it out over and over again. It’s a really great free tool. And as far as how often to do it, it really depends on how much you tweet. So I usually promote my freebie content about once a week. But I send you know, anywhere from five to way, way more than five tweets everyday which you know if you follow me on Twitter. So for me, sending out something once a week really doesn’t feel like a lot when compared to the total volume of tweets that I send. If you’re only sending out tweets a few times a week, then you might not want to promote your free content that often, because again, we don’t want to spend all of our time pitching stuff even though it’s free content. You don’t want to spend all your time pitching on Twitter. So if you have a lower overall tweet volume, you probably want to make your frequency last. If you have a higher volume, you can make your frequency more.

There are also tools that allow you to use something like Hootsuite to make your update automatically go to Twitter – I mean, I’m sorry, to automatically go to Facebook. You can integrate Twitter and Facebook together so that your Twitter updates will go to Facebook or selected ones will go to Facebook and that’s the way to use a tool like Hootsuite to automatically update your Facebook status as well. So I want to give you a brief recap of all that because I know that was a lot of info and I talk incredibly fast, I’m aware.

OK. So let’s just recap the steps real quick. Step 1 is to craft your freebie opt in. That’s where you figure out what your free content is going to be related to your pitch. You create page 1 which is where you collect their email addresses and give them a little sample. Page 2 tells them to confirm. And then below that, give them your pitch. And then page 3 is the actual meat of your freebie and then you repeat your pitch below that. Step 2 is to follow up. This is where you’ve set up this automated email to send a mix of selling and more content related to your topic. Step 3, make it easy for them to share. This is where you add those social bookmarking buttons and the Twitter buttons and the email list all over your three pages to encourage social media sharing as much as possible. Step 4 is to update your status on all of your social media sites. And step 5 is to continue to promote this on autopilot thru Twitter, thru Facebook, thru your blogs and thru your emails.

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