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There is a natural order to the design of a website user experience

There is, in fact, a natural order to the design of a web site’s user experience during initial development. The stages of designing a building web site’s user experience can be like to stages of designing a building a house:

  • You address utility first:
    • How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms are needed, do we need a family room?
  • Then you consider usability:
    • Shouldn’t the bathroom be a … to the bedrooms
    • Shouldn’t the family room be well removed from bedrooms, so people watching TV or party in don’t disturb people sleeping.
    • Shouldn’t the bedrooms be in the entrance to the most public part of the house, so arriving visitors don’t pass through say bedrooms.
  • Next comes persuasiveness:
    • room should be design to incorrect certain activities.
    • A family room needs to allow for a group CD in front of say a TV or to encourage conversation.
    • A bedroom should be design to allow for blocking out light and should have sound isolation to encourage sleep.
  • After persuasive design comes graphic design:
    • What color scheme for rugs and furniture in the family room.
    • Should rooms follow a common color scheme or should each be unique.
    • Should the children’s bedrooms have funnies on the wallpaper?
  • Finally functional integrity must be address.

This is the natural order when developing a new website. Ideally, all these quality should be address and optimize before you lunch your site for the first time. However, if trying to improve an ecommerce web site that already exist you need asks yourself where your site currently stands on each of these user experience qualities.

Start with the quality earliest in this order that need to attention, likely that is usability, address that first, then address persuasive design followed by graphic design, then we build and work to insure the functional integrity of the site before we lunching.

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