Orange Analytics designs and develops off the shelf, dynamic and database-driven mobile apps in a professional and well-planned process. 

Our approach makes us different. We do not just want to develop a mobile app or web application — we want to work with you and see each project reach its full potential. We care about our clients, and form long-term relationships built on open communication and trust. 

Our mobile application development process provides us structure, allows us flexibility, and helps us to accomplish successful projects and deliver results. On the other hand, our clients are able to monitor, follow, accompany and influence the mobile application development through this transparent process. 

This is a win-win and business collaboration approach. We can work with clients on any phase of our process. Sometimes we start at the strategy phase and work our way through, other times it is appropriate that we start with a brief strategy plan and move into app development and launch. 

  1. Product Strategy
  2. Building an innovative mobile app is about ensuring you focus on the right things from day one. Some critical questions must be answered in this phase, including:
    • Who will use the app? Consumer or business?
    • What are the required functionalities? What functionality do you want to include in your app? 

    • Will the app be part of your existing offering or a standalone app for app stores?
    We will work with you to define the requirements and prepare the app development plan while considering the market and end users. This is where we make sure we are really clear on what you and your customers’ need. In a rapid idea validation process, we review requirements and assumptions and prepare a list of the best features choices for your app.

  3. Design
  4. We believe in producing clean and simple products. A team of experienced designers works closely with the development team. They follow user-centric design approach and do design tests and reviews to ensure app usability and best user experience. 
Building product users will engage is incredibly important in today’s market. What really makes a difference between a product users engage with and the ones they forget about instantly is how they experience it and how easy it is to get the value they seek from it. 
User Experience or UX is an umbrella term that covers product design disciplines such as user research, usability testing, prototyping, development, service design and delivery and more. 

  5. Development
  6. Orange Analytics has a strong development team lead by world-class technologists. We prepare and publish code in short time periods and allow frequent changes throughout the product development lifecycle. The development team is given the flexibility to innovate, whilst staying discipline and transparency to accomplish and deliver projects on time exceeding client expectations. 
At Orange Analytics, we produce definitive solutions in iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Hybrid Mobile Phone Apps with our extensive experience in this area. We have adept professionals working 
dedicatedly in their respective areas to prepare and offer best of the solutions for you. With their vast knowledge in the field and collaborative efforts, they have produced exceptional solutions through their mobile application development endeavors.

    Mobile application development requires use of specialized integrated development environment. We build mobile applications for any industry, providing solutions includes end to end application development, Contents, Style and Branding.

  7. Analytics
  8. Throughout the process we focus on implementing data-driven decisions into your product. From tracking retention, virality through to establish user-behavior that is behind maximizing revenue. Our product managers are experienced with cohort analysis and usability testing to create a truly world class product that speaks exactly to your users before it even launches. App tests, monitoring and analysis happen during development and after launch. We collect data and analyze app statistics, including acquisitions, access, usage and engagement. Specific in-depth data allows us to identify usability concerns and other problems. This analysis can be as in-depth as needed. It is often completed initially as part of the strategy phase. In on-going work, it is completed weekly or monthly, and directly feeds back into our strategy. These statistics inform any future changes in our process.

  9. Post Launch: Promote
  10. Many companies and clients ignore this crucial area. We understand that good design and development feeds into marketing. We want you to succeed, and we have the tools to help. We will work with you to provide data insights in improving your product and can provide access to our full stack marketing team. Whether it is digital media buying, SEO, Search Marketing or Conversion rate optimization we consider different effective factors to promote and scale compelling products.

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