Orange Analytics will guide you through the app development process, providing advice on:

  • What platform to target first (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Whether to build natively for a specific platform or use a cross-platform or 
hybrid approach 

  • How to produce great user experience on mobile platform and devices, and therefore maximize user engagement
  • In app purchasing considerations 

  • Application store approval process, including Apple AppStore and iTunes, 
Google Play and Microsoft App Store 

  • Whether to embed content within the app or build a database from which the app 
can pull its data
  • How to integrate a Content Management System (CMS)
  • How an app can be built to function offline
  • It is always important to know your apps target users so that you will be able to know that what type of an app you require i.e. App for iPhone and/or iPad, and/or Android and/or Windows Phones. We have the expertise in developing Enterprise mobile apps.

Orange Analytics provides and develops mobile solutions and apps for a number of different platforms. Mobile Application Development Services Include:

  • Business software and solutions for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.
  • Productivity app, utilities and solutions.
  • Games and multimedia app.
  • Mobile client software.
  • Porting web applications to mobile platform.
  • Internet App
  • Orange Analytics is committed to designing engaging, enjoyable, intuitive user interfaces and experiences across multiple platforms. Our team of UX and UI experts applies latest design practices and user interaction methods in order to craft apps that will stand out in the market and attract attention.

Mobility Solutions

Orange Analytics provides mobility solutions and helps companies and organizations to benefit from mobile services and improve efficiency.

  • Mobile Access: mobile collaboration services, customer relationship, and internal services, including emails, contacts and calendars.
  • Mobile Work: Work related services and applications

iOS Application Development 

Apple iPad and iPhone users still have the highest engagement and usage of apps, making this the most popular native app choice.

  • Custom iPhone and iPad apps
  • M-Commerce and Social Networking
  • Business and Finance apps
  • Productivity and Collaboration apps
  • Utility and Entertainment apps

Android Application Development

These applications run on Google's Android operating system. Android Application Development is based on the Java-Based Android platform, which is one of the fastest growing segments for smart phone applications. Android device sales continue to, and recently surpassed Apple phone sales. The Android 5.0 Lollipop update adds a variety of new features for your apps, such as notifications on the lock screen and much more. 

Windows Mobile Application Development

Microsoft is consistently growing its market share and organizations looking for maximum reach can't ignore this platform. Windows Mobile is a powerful platform for running applications on mobile devices. Windows Mobile provides a rich environment for creating applications that enhance interactions with mobile services, communicate with Enterprise-class databases, or play games and other forms of media. There is a large market for commercial software aimed at consumers, and a huge potential for Enterprise markets to create custom Line of Business applications.

B2B mobile application development 

Mobility increases productivity. This is especially the case for companies with field workers and traveling executives who have the need to access corporate data over cellular networks or WiFi networks. The B2B apps help companies to refine business processes and improve productivity. Orange Analytics designs and develops professional B2B and service apps using the latest web and mobile technologies considering your business requirements and processes in order to improve efficiency and productivity. 

  • Asset management 

  • Data collection 

  • Reporting forms
  • Resource management
  • Scheduler
  • Time & attendance

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