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Web analytics is the practice of measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting on Internet data for the purposes of understanding how a web site is used by its audience and how to optimize its usage.

Web analytics can help you answer a long list of questions about your website, your visitors, your marketing. It’s impact will be profound.Companies use Web analytics to find out information about their visitors, including; How are visitors finding your website? How long your visitor stayed on your site? Who they are and what source they came from? Knowing their click stream activity, the keywords they may have used to access your site, how they came to enter your site in the first place? See the number of times a visitor returned to your site and which pages took preference over the others.

The information gleaned from analytics enables site owners to optimize their website and make their web pages more usable, ultimately helping users to achieve their goals more quickly. The study of visitors help organizations in improving their marketing strategies by understanding things like;

  • Predicting the state of mind of the visitor by analyzing the keyword that brought traffic to your website.
  • The navigation paths followed by the visitors.
  • Knowing the likes and dislikes of the visitors by tracking their page views.
  • The way marketers can adapt to change and hence improve their strategies and campaigns to reach the consumer more effectively.

Web analytics will be able to assist you in the preparation of an e-marketing plan. This will be more efficient because your plan will be based on solid facts and not mere probabilities. You‘ll know what is popular on the site, and what your market likes and wants. By tracking highly-viewed items, you will learn which features receive the highest interest.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn how we can help leverage web analytics for your business.

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